The Root Cause of
ALL Chronic Disease
Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s are all related to this previously unknown condition.
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What is Syndrome Zero?
I’ve spent my entire career trying to answer the question: how can ONE person improve their health? 

After 30 years of research…

Studying nutrition, sports medicine and exercise… topics most doctors know nothing about… 

And helping more than 25,000 patients achieve better health… 

I’ve uncovered startling evidence that a previously undiagnosed condition — called Syndrome Zero — is the root cause of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and a slew of other chronic disease plaguing our Western culture. 

It’s why everyone is chronically fatigued all the time, and too tired to live — and enjoy — life. 

It’s the driver of the obesity epidemic… making it almost IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight no matter how hard you diet or exercise. 

And it is responsible for the skyrocketing rates of chronic disease over the past 25 years. 

In a nutshell, Syndrome Zero is an anchor. 

It holds us back from experiencing exceptional health… and sabotages ALL of our efforts for a more vital, more energetic, and happier life. 

Which means the solution to ALL such health concerns is not another diet… not more exercising… and certainly not another drug. 

The solution is to simply CUT this anchor loose. 

So you can experience the state of natural, native health that Syndrome Zero robs you of. 

If you want to live a long and healthy life free of chronic disease, then this video series may expose you to the most important information of your life!
Dr. Sears is a medical doctor and one of the nation’s first board-certified anti-aging physicians. Him and his breakthrough discoveries have appeared on over 50 media outlets including ABC News, CNN, ESPN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and many more.
  • Board Certified as a Clinical Nutrition Specialist
  •  Member of the American Medical Association
  •  Member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine
  •  Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  •  Member of the Herb Research Foundation
  •  ACE-Certified Fitness Instructor
What You Will Learn On This Free Video Series:
Introducing Syndrome Zero
I consider this to be the biggest health crisis of all time. It is spreading so rapidly that it’s only a matter of time before every man, woman and child on the planet will be affected.
Not A Genetic Death Sentence
You’ll learn how mainstream medicine has it wrong. How the true cause of chronic disease is not genetic, despite popular belief, and why a diagnosis isn’t a death sentence
Insulin – Syndrome Zero’s Fuel
I’ll explain how excess insulin and fat storage are at the root of all that ails us. Today our excess carbohydrate consumption is making us fatter, and sicker at an alarming rate.
Our Environment is Making us Sick
You’ll see how the environmental link to the overproduction of insulin not only makes us fat – but makes us sick – robbing us of the energy we need for maintenance, repair and to fight disease. Indeed, nutritional deficiencies, free-radical damage and hypoxia are at the core of Syndrome Zero.
The Solution to Syndrome Zero
We’ll explore the real solutions that can stop Syndrome Zero in its tracks, returning us to our native state of good health. I’ll reveal the ancient herbs ignored by modern medicine, simple lifestyle changes with great power, as well as new breakthrough treatments that have the ability to normalize blood sugar! 
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